MasterDrez, a game, an oportunity for develop your mathematics skills

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Lesson Plan Outline




The main idea of this class and video, is to show you a variant of Chess, as alternative to collaborative work, learning and develop of knowlege in the classroom about mathematics skills. We will play it in the classroom and online and we will study all the logic and mathematics contained. MasterDrez is the complication of chess, with the addition of four (4) players on a board in a cross hundred ninety two (192) squares.

For reach our objetives we have planning the follow steps:

  1. Offer to the students one hour of Code with MineCraft.
  2. Offer to the students the basics concepts about the logic of programming and algoritm.
  3. To generate a project in the classroom for develop a code for play MasterDrez.

Lesson Overview

This lesson plan provides a general outline and tips to introduce to the students a new version of the Chess game, MasterDrez.


Lesson Summary

Number sessions: 3.

Duration each session: 45-60 mins.

Session One

Getting Started

The teacher give to the students the initial instructions for develop the class. Develop the logic wiil be the main objetive


The teacher will offer to the students a lecture about the mathematics and the computer science. Will Give the definitions about algorithms and the logics rule for work with the computer programing system. At the end will show a short video for inspiring the study of the computer science.

Wrap up

in five minutes, think and write about how had been your world if the computer science not had been present in your live?

Assessment/Extended Learning

Fill the test for the evaluation

Session Two

Getting Started

● Introduce the activity: Kick off your Hour of Code by inspiring students and discussing how computer science impacts every part of our lives.

Show one of our inspirational videos to frame the discussion:

It’s okay if both you and your students are brand new to computer science. Here are some ideas to introduce your Hour of Code activity:

  • Explain ways technology impacts our lives, with examples both boys and girls will care about (Talk about saving lives, helping people, connecting people, etc.).
    • 3D printing is being used to create limbs for amputees; microchips to find lost pets; Skyping relatives who are far away to keep in touch.
  • Explain that learning computer science is more than learning to code in a computer language, it’s about learning how computers and software are changing everything in our world.
    • Digital animation in movies like Inside Out, Shaun the Sheep, Star Wars or Hunger Games; recording music with GarageBand on your computer, mobile banking.
  • Let students know that it’s important to learn more about how technology works regardless of what career they want to go into.
    • Farming (using data for watering and fertilizing), fashion (programmable LED dresses at NYFW 2015), medicine (using robots for surgery)
  • As a class, list things that use code in everyday life, or a list of careers the require knowledge of coding or computers.
  • See tips for getting girls interested in computer science here.

Direct students to the activity (1 minute)

  • Write the tutorial link(s) you’ve chosen on a whiteboard. Find the link listed on the information for your selected tutorial under the number of participants.
  • Tell students to visit the URL and start the tutorial.
  • Tip: For younger students, load the tutorial page ahead of time or save it as a bookmark.


Facilitate and support students to complete the tutorial, alone or in groups

  • When your students come across difficulties

    It’s okay to respond:

    • “I don’t know. Let’s figure this out together.”
    • “Technology doesn’t always work out the way we want.”
    • “Learning to program is like learning a new language; you won’t be fluent right away.”


    What to do if a student finishes early?

    • Students can see all tutorials and try another Hour of Code activity at org/learn
    • Or, ask students who finish early to help classmates who are having trouble with the activity.

Wrap up

Debrief & Close

  • Debrief the activity.
  • Celebrate and pass out certificates and stickers.
  • Share photos and videos of your Hour of Code event on social media. Use #HourOfCode and @codeorg so we can highlight your success, too!

Other ideas

  • Do a gallery walk so students can see each other’s work.
  • Do a “Think-Pair-Share” to allow students to reflect individually, discuss with a partner and share out as a group.
  • Let participants know they can continue to learn at

Assessment/Extended Learning


Time permitting, challenge your students to reflect on the day’s activities and continue their learning. Consider:

  • Exit Ticket. Have students complete an Exit Ticket before leaving to assess learning.
  • Flip your classroom. Challenge students to pick one of the tutorials they didn’t complete today, but that one of their friends did, and try to do it on their own at home.
  • Writing prompt. Have students journal at home about what they learned and how it made them feel.

Session Three

Getting Started: the teacher will show to the students the rules for game Chess and will introduce the variation clled MasterDrez

Activity: All the students will be in groups of four persons and by 30 minutes will play and will practice the MasterDrez game.
The main objective of this issue is to grap the logic and offer in the mind the possibilite of to create a code for computers.

Wrap up: The students write a code for computer , based in the logic of MineCraft

Assessment/Extended Learning: The students test the code and are capabily of solved the mistake in the same.



This lesson is intended for the students of any age who are interested in Science Computer and Chess Game.

Learning Objetives

By participatimg in this lesson, participants will:

  • To Know the basics rules of the game MasterDrez
  • To practice the Game and to analyze the main strategic features logic used
  • To Know the algorithm structure of the game online

Facilitation Guide


Materials, Resources and Preparation





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